Wakwella, Sri Lanka.

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If you have been following me on my Instagram, then you might already be aware that I’d had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan Airlines.


We started off with the first 2 days in Galle to experience the country life, and then headed to the city of Colombo for the next two days.

I come from Mumbai and nothing beats the “pace” of city life for me, in my experience. But, to experience Wakwella, in Galle was a life time memory in itself.

Let me share a few things about the Wakwella Village and how we spent our day there.

We first headed to a spot in Wakwella village, a beautifully lush green forest area far away from the hustle and bustle, in our tourist coach. And then, you’ll be surprised to know that there were about 7 “tuk-tuks” waiting for us. Tuk-Tuk is a tiny vehicle which can fit 2-3 people in it.

Tuk Tuk Ride

Tuk-Tuks are a common mode of transport in Sri Lanka. They are also known as Auto-Rickshaws in Mumbai. So we drove through the tiny & narrow village lanes of the forest, manoeuvring our ways through domestic cows & buffaloes, small puppy dogs, etc. And in no time, we found ourselves at a beautiful cottage-hut in the middle of the forest! We were given a small catering experience there! There was a make-shift kitchen built there, where we had local experts teaching us how to make hoppers! Although, I am a vegetarian, I learnt to make one, and ended up making quite a few for others around me! We were also handed some fresh coconut water which was carved so artistically!


Once we were done snacking, we walked a few steps where all the coconut shells were used to make sports goods like gym carpet, cricket bats, etc. I was amazed to learn that, a coconut never goes to waste after you’ve had all the water. It is 100 percent fully useable!

IMG_7396From there, we again walked a few more steps.. and found ourselves at the edge of a small lake in the middle of Wakwella Village where boats were anchored, ready for us to sail through the lake and learn more about this gorgeous place. The lake had an umpteen number of Lotus plants, the Blue Water Lilly, which is the National Flower of Sri Lanka and even reptiles, that might have creeped me out a little.A lot, to be honest! The sunset, the lake, the lush green forest around me, it felt like I was living in a movie. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

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This is from the day when we went through the tiny village lanes of Wakwella in our Tuk-Tuks and explored the forest area, cooked some food in the village and at sunset, we took this boat ride in the lake where we saw so many lotus plants, ducks and birds, the Blue Water Lily, which is the National Flower of Sri Lanka ☺️ AND even reptiles that might have creeped me out a little (or a lot!!) tbh! 😅 @srilankanairlinesofficial @experiencesrilanka.travel #ExperienceSriLanka #EXPSL #LoveSriLanka #LonleyPlanet #TravelCeylon #DiscoverSriLanka #VisitSriLanka #Unawatuna #SriLankanExperiences . . . . . Also, the fanny pack is by @zara. ☺️ . . . . . . . 🎵: By My Side @acejax ft. Danilyon Edit: Neha Desai Telefilms #video #travelvideo #videooftheday #travelling #travel #nature #travelblogger #travelingram #travelinfluencer #travelinstyle #travelphotography #style #fashion #bblogger #beautyblogger #fashionblogger #fblogger #zara #jumpsuit #lake

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Once we were done with our boat ride, we headed back in our tuk-tuks to the bus, and then back to Angel Beach Resort in Unawatuna.

If you are a nature lover, or if you are just tired from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, I highly recommend you to check out the Wakwella Village, on your visit to Sri Lanka. It is an experience in itself!
A big thank you to @srilankanairlines & @angelbeachsl, along with @experience.srilanka for the opportunity.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Stay tuned to my blog for my next post on my visit to Sri Lanka.

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