7 Summer skin care tips!

7 Summer skin care tips!

So the scorching sun is back and more than giving you brighter and shinier mornings, it might just work at creating havoc with your skin. Here is a list of 7 skin care tips for the summer.

Exfoliate your skin about twice a week. Not more than that though. You need exfoliation to remove the layer of dead skin, tan, or any dirt and grime that you may have collected from the humidity and the harmful sun. Don’t go overboard with the exfoliation. You want to pamper your skin, not peel it off!

Use a gentle cleanser. Use the one as per your skin type. There are a lot of gentle cleansers available for dry, oily and normal skin. Pick the one that suits your skin type and cleanse your face about thrice a day at intervals. Do not forget to clean your face before you hit the sack! You don’t want a zit to magically appear next morning!

Sunscreen my friends! Sunscreen is the key all year around. We’ve spoken about it from time to time. Keep slathering it every two hours when you are out in the sun. Don’t forget to apply it on your hands and neck as well.Avoid the sun from 11 a.m- 4p.m. It is during these hours that the sun’s UV rays are very harmful and they can cause some serious harm like sunburn, deep pigmentation, skin cancer, etc. If you are a person who loves taking in the sun, then the best time for that is the morning sun, when you will enrich yourself with a dose of Vitamin D. To know more on sunscreens read here .

I wouldn’t say, avoid foundation completely. It depends from the type of your skin, to the type of the foundation. Pick a water based one, rather than an oil-based one. A water based liquid foundation will be light on your skin. There are foundations which also include SPF , hence that might actually work at protecting your skin more than damaging it. Mineralised foundations are a good choice too. If you have clear skin, and if just need a hint of color to even out the complexion, opt for a BB cream . Remember to clean every iota of makeup once you are back home.

Wear a hat , protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. The hair needs as much protection as your skin.

Wearing shades will protect your eyes from the sun as well as protect your under-eye area.
These are very simple tips which we all know, but end up taking them for granted.

And wear a night repairing lotion before going to bed. It will help repair your skin from all the wear and tear you’ve had on a long summer afternoon.

If you’ve got any tips of your own, write them for me in the comment section! It’ll be great for me to learn something new!

(*photo courtesy : campagn fashion photography)

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