Hey everyone! After my short write up on Summer Hair Care, here’s a new post on Summer Skin Care. You know, I am all about the skin and for me, wearing makeup is also about mostly showing healthy skin first and then accentuating the features or adding any colour. So let’s get started with some very basic Summer Skin Care tips and tricks.


The first most important tip is to make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your skin 2-3 times a day. Especially, when you wake up in the morning, since that’s the time the skin has sebum accumulation from the night before, which leads to formation of acne and pimples. Also, make sure to cleanse your skin before you hit the bed. You don’t wanna go to sleep with makeup and dirt sitting on top of your face. That again, will cause clogging of the pores, form bacteria and make your skin break out. I also wash my face once, in between, which is generally after I work out. Make sure, to pick a face cleanser as per your skin type. I have dry skin, and I love using Creme Lavante Cleansing Cream by Uriage or Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser. Cetaphil makes one for Oily Skin as well.

If you are using a toner, keep in mind to use an Alcohol Free Toner. Alcohol content in your skin products leads to drying and faster aging of the skin. I personally prefer a Rose Water Spray which helps to hydrate, and even tighten the skin. It also feels refreshing!

The next step is to make sure you give your skin the necessary extra care it needs. For me, it is to use a Vitamin C Serum. When it comes to the summers, I feel like our skin gets dull, looks patchy and uneven because of the sun’s harmful rays. Vitamin C serum will help your skin fight all the dullness and darkness, and make it look more even. Also, a serum is light weight and it penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin so easily! Hence, it works from within to give your skin a better appearance.

Next is obviously to hydrate. No matter if you have an oily skin or dry or normal skin. Hydration is really really essential. It will keep your skin nourished and younger looking and help you fight wrinkles and even prevent them in the first place! Since the summer months could also mean sweating, it is advisable to use a light weight moisturiser. I use the Sebamed moisturising cream and a little bit goes a really long way. I’ve spoken a lot about it in my YouTube and Instagram videos.

Coming to the most important step of skin care for me. We need to protect our skin from the sun’s UVA AND UVB rays. These rays not only darken the skin and make it look pigmented or uneven, but it also leads to fine lines, wrinkles, aging of the skin and obviously makes the skin look dull. So pick the right sun screen.  Check the SPF on it. A minimum of an SPF of 15 is advisable. Re apply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours. I personally use an SPF 30 or 50. The number of SPF can be understood really simply like this. Whatever the number of SPF is written on your sunscreen, multiply that by 10 minutes. Now this is the number of minutes your sunscreen will keep your skin protected from the sun. And that is why it is advisable to re apply it every few hours. I personally prefer to re apply my sunscreen every 3 hours, no matter which one I am using! Also, take a generous amount of it!

I also believe in consciously increasing my water intake. 3 litres of water a day, will keep your body hydrated and make you feel energetic. Especially, if you live in a humid place, like me, you need to keep sipping on water! Drinking enough water will keep your skin nourished, healthy and glowing and also help you flush out all the toxins from your body and give you clear skin. If you do not like drinking plain water, add some flavour to it, by simply adding a piece of lime, or cucumber or even mint leaves and keep sipping on it from time to time. This will also help you cool your system.

Exfoliating your skin with a gentle face scrub, once in a few days will help you get rid of dead and dull skin and help you get a more even and polished looking skin. In the summer months, I prefer using a De-Tan scrub by Jovees. It is a chemical free product and does what it claims, without even burning a hole in your pocket!

Lastly, a good face mask or a face pack, once in a while never hurt anyone! Anti-pigmentation, Anti-Tan face packs are the best for the summers! Or even Vitamin C Sheet masks, or brightening masks do the job so well! If you are all about the SPA life at home, you definitely need one of these in your life. I love the face packs by Jovees, and sheet masks by Innisfree and The Face Shop. These definitely help to relax and rejuvenate the skin.

And lastly, I wanted to speak about wearing makeup in the summers. I know a lot of us think and feel that wearing makeup in itself, is harmful for the skin and all that. Let alone, wear makeup in the summers and damage it! But believe me, I’ve been wearing makeup for a long time now to know when it harms you, and when it doesn’t. For the summer months, I especially advise you to up your skin care first, and then use makeup with SPF in it. There are lots of foundations and compacts in the market that have SPF in it. So in fact, it actually works as a protective layer on your skin as well. Pick the right foundation again, depending on your skin type. Even lip balms have SPF, which helps you prevent your lips from darkening as well. The key is to make sure you are using good products, and cleanse your skin thoroughly with a makeup removing product that works for you, before you go off to sleep. You have to maintain that balance, if you really like wearing makeup!

These were a few tips and tricks for the summers. Please do share the post if you enjoyed reading it and found it useful. xo

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