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I hope all of you are doing really well. Today, I thought of sharing with you all, a very small post on some really simple hair care tips for the summer months. 


1.  Keep your scalp clean:  If you live in a humid city, like me, you might know that the summers can get your scalp all greasy, and oily in no time. Keeping your scalp clean by washing it regularly is one of the most important steps to hair care, in the summer months. I suggest using a sulphate and paraben free shampoo, which is mild on your scalp and works at cleansing it gently. If you suffer from dandruff, make sure that you are using a dandruff free shampoo, as prescribed by your doctor. Also, do not rely on dry shampoo too much. It will work on clogging the roots of your hair. Product accumulation on the scalp is not healthy either. Make sure to wash that off, as soon as you can. Dry shampoo, is great in case of in between washes. But, personally, I prefer not to make it a habit!

2.    Scarf it up:  As much as the skin needs to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays, so does your hair. The hair can get weak, if constantly exposed to the sun rays. Make sure to wear a scarf around your head, or a hat, to protect it from heat and environmental damage in the summers.

3.  Hydrate:   Drinking the appropriate amount of water everyday will keep your hair healthy and shiny. It will add the necessary lost moisture from the hair and keep it stronger and intact, which will prevent it from getting brittle and breaking easily. I personally love drinking fresh coconut water in my morning routine. It is rich in potassium and helps with healthy skin and hair. It is also said that, coconut water helps to reduce hair loss by adding strength to your hair.

4.  Avoid Heated Tools:   Styling tools slowly damage our hair. I understand, that styling can be a basic grooming necessity in today’s day and age. But the summers are already harsh on the hair, so adding the extra heat and literally baking your hair in it, can make your hair dry and brittle and cause hair fall, due to hair breakage. But, if you are like me, 😊 and you absolutely need to style your hair, make sure you are using a good heat protectant serum before putting it under any styling tool. But, the best way, would be to opt for hair styles that do not require heated styling at all.

5.  Condition:  Since the hair can get easily damaged (due to styling and colour), make sure you give your hair that love and care, it needs. Pamper your hair with a hair spa, or a deep conditioning treatment once in two weeks. If you can’t visit the spa, use a hair repair mask  at home once in 7-10 days. Give your hair the nourishment it needs to recover it from all of that daily wear and tear.

And lastly, if you can exercise and add a hair vitamin tablet to your routine, it will definitely help with maintaining the health of your hair.

You can also check out one of my videos on My Hair Care Routine | Dry Damaged Hair (not specifically for the summers though!)

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Don’t forget to share the post if you did like it! Here’s to happy hair days. 😊💕

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