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If you follow me on my social media, then you might already know about my obsession with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I often speak about my workout and food intake, along with my food supplements on my Snapchat. So recently, I had the opportunity of attending the GNC Conference with some renowned personalities in the field of fitness, health and diet. At the conference, were holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta, Indian Basket Ball player, Mr.Satnam Singh, Mr.Sheru Aangrish– Co-founder & CEO, Sheru Classic along with Ms.Noorie Gada – Professional sports nutritionist and ofcourse, the CEO of GNC India, Mr.Shadab Khan.     

I am here to share with you some of the information that was given by these experts to understand the importance of health and fitness in our everyday lifestyle.
With our constant change and the fast pace in lifestyle, we tend to hamper our food habits, in turn resulting in a loss of a healthy living. We tend to grab food that is more easily available and satiating to the taste buds, than food that is more filling and appropriate for the body.

The food available now is no longer as pure as it used to be in the initial day and age. Hence, it is essential for us to focus on working out right, and consuming food supplementation under the right supervision to see the results in our body.IMG_6501

For the betterment of our health, to consume healthy in-between-meals, we must fill ourselves with protein bars, or protein shakes, advised Noorie. And I completely agree with her! I always make sure to stock my travel bags, my gym bag, with some protein bars, dry fruits, nuts, etc. Basically, remind yourself to eat healthy, and follow that with your goal in mind!

GNC has identified four building blocks of nutrition – Multivitamins, Probiotics, Omega-3’s and Proteins.

Multi-vitamins are the easiest way to fulfil your nutritional needs of vitamins and minerals.
Probiotics are a great way to fight the bad bacteria in the human body, hence helping you with a stronger immune system! It makes for great intake, especially for people who are lactose intolerant.

Omega fatty acid products are necessary for the health of the heart and the brain.

Protein food supplements give you good calories and nutrients while maintaining the muscle health of your body. Also, at times, vegetarian food doesn’t really support muscle building as easily. Therefore, making it tough for muscle recovery. 80% of Indians suffer from Protein Deficiency. You must know that our daily wear and tear of muscle tissue, needs recovery and that can be provided by protein alone!
The key objective here is to know the importance of a healthy living. Exercise every day. At least for 20 minutes. If you cannot go to the gym, try going for a run, or for a swim. Keeping your body active will help you stay and feel fit. Eating right, and supporting it with clean and essential in-between-meals, will help your body recovery faster, from any injury or everyday muscle tear.

Mr.Shadab Khan pointed out that built on 80 years of superior product quality and innovation, GNC is committed to help Indian consumers to overcome issues such as fatigue, stress, cholesterol amongst others through the principles of ‘Scientific Nutrition’.  
GNC (General Nutrition Centre), is headquartered in Pittsburgh, US, and is a leading global specialty health, wellness, and performance retailer, is strengthening its presence in India. Globally, GNC has approximately 9,000 locations and franchise operations in approximately 50 countries. With a direct to retail distribution strategy, products from GNC are now available online on the e-commerce portals as well as at the retail outlets in India.
With an earnest endeavor of connecting with customers to their best selves, GNC offers a premium assortment of health, wellness and performance products. To know more about their products, please log on to their website and treat yourself with better nutrition!

Remember, the right exercise and the right food, can do wonders for your body!


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