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You must’ve seen on snapchat that I recently took the #DareToTransform challenge and got my hair colored at the LOREAL ACADEMY in Mumbai. #LorealProfIndia launched their new #Smartbond Hair Color Treatment.

My experience:

My appointment with them was at 2:30 at the academy. The same morning I had conducted a workshop about skin, hair and makeup for the students at INIFD,Bandra. I am sure you saw me in a classroom that day on my social media!

Anyway, as soon as the workshop at Bandra was done, I had to rush to the Academy at Lower Parel. I reached in time and spent the first few minutes meeting and greeting my co-bloggers, and the amazing P.R team of Loreal Professionnel along with taking a tour at the academy and observing the hair stylists working on other social media influencers who had their appointments in the first half of the day. Obviously I was craving for food and black coffee during this time! As soon as I got to my color station, I was introduced to Mallika, who was gonna be my hair stylist at the Academy. I must tell you, she is beautiful! And her hair color and hair style spoke, that I  was in good hands.

My interaction with Mallika was so friendly, yet professional. I already had blonde streaks and I let her brush through my hair.. feel my hair and see and think as to how we could go ahead. In my mind, I knew that I just wanted some more caramellish-, chestnutty hair color streaks and she got it bang on! We took the shade card book and picked a shade called F-8.0, if I am not wrong.

She weighed and mixed the hair color with the Oxidant and once the mixture was thick and ready, she introduced me to SMARTBOND, which is actually the hero of this experiential.

She took about a teaspoon of the liquid and added to the mixture and gave it a nice whirl. Smartbond is actually an ingredient that protects the hair from any damage when we use any hair color. In fact, it keeps the hair healthy, and helps it be soft and supple.

Once we were done with mixing, she picked a few streaks as we had decided from my crown area and painted them in color and foiled up for about 35-45 minutes.





We then got a hair wash using the INOA hair color creme shampoo and conditioner which is sulfate free and has green tea in it! And then we blow dried and detangled my hair and followed up with some flat hair iron.







Here is a look at the before and after:




Here is the final result of my hair:

IMG_7240All in all, I am really happy with the way my hair color looks. It blended in beautifully with my earlier hair shade and the streaks amazing in day light as well as under artificial lighting. The hair feels nice and soft and I’ve been trying the Inoa hair shampoo and conditioner at home as well. Will keep you guys posted on my take on those products in a month or so.

Definitely recommend you guys to try SMARTBOND anytime you decide to color your hair!

Hope you enjoyed readin about my experience. Do comment below if you have any questions:)


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