Green tea & it’s Benefits

Green tea & it’s Benefits

Green Tea has become a commoner in the long diet plans given by most nutritionists and dietitians. It can be spotted easily in different flavors in departmental stores and has now made its entry into the kitchens of most homes all over. But Why Green Tea?

Metabolism and Weight Loss: Green Tea will work wonders on your metabolic rate. It fastens the digestion process and burns fat , which in turn helps you to lose weight.

Flat Belly: Drinking Green Tea does help to speed up the process of losing belly fat when combined with rigorous workouts and strict diet plans.

Antioxidant: Green tea is an antioxidant and consuming green tea on a regular basis will detoxify your system and help you keep your skin clear. It helps prevent fine lines and signs of again. Consuming Green tea also keeps the hair strong.

Rid of Puffiness: Green Tea bags are also used to reduce the puffiness of the eyes by placing chilled tea bags on the eye lids for about ten minutes.

Conditions the Hair: Personally, I infuse two tea bags of Green Tea and let it rest over night. The next day I use this mixture all over my hair post shampoo and just rinse it off with water. It works as a natural hair conditioner and makes the hair supple and lustrous.

Doesn’t stain your teeth : Unlike other caffeinated drinks, Green Tea doesn’t stain your teeth and gives you a fresh breath!

At least two cups of green tea are a good recommendation to having a healthy lifestyle.



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