Should women weight train?

Should women weight train?

So, like I’ve mentioned before to you guys, I’m a sucker for weight training and  a total gym rat!

I started weight training since when I was only 18 years old and ever since, it’s been a decade I’ve had a strong and an inseparable connection with the gym floor. What I did notice in my early years of weight training coming up to me and asking me, “Why are you working out?” Followed up by “Girls, shouldn’t weight train!” But, nothing or no one stopped me from weight training. So I thought of sharing a few reasons why women should weight train!

Weight training regularizes the metabolic rate of the body. Having a high metabolic rate means, your food is getting digested faster and is not being deposited in your body in the form of fat.

People have a silly assumption that girls shouldn’t weight train, else they are gonna bulk up and will end up looking like a body builder. You must know that girls do not have the hormones for that. They are low on testosterone. Workouts to actually train to be a body builder are way different from the ones you would otherwise be doing to get fit and fab on an everyday basis. Team up a proper weight training schedule with a healthy diet to look your best.

In fact, whether you are looking at gaining or losing weight, weight training is the first important key towards it. Training with dumbbells is going to help you work on losing calories and adding muscle mass in the correct way. If you are looking at weight loss, it will help you get rid of your flabby areas faster than only running miles on the treadmill, work at burning calories and help you tone up by building muscle mass. On the other hand, if you might be too skinny, weight training will help you build muscle and tone up your body. Your diet plays a major role along with your exercises.

Weight training is going to help you become stronger and will bring you even more energy and confidence!

Those skinny jeans you saw at the mall, work out to wriggle yourself easily into them!

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