Is it too late? To be in a meaningful relationship? Or to step out of a distressed one? Or as Bieber sings, “Is it too late now, to say sorry?” 🎼


The fact is that, the time will never be right. It is never going to be the right time for you to be ready to be in a relationship, or for you to step out of it, or for you to come out of your fears, and the what-ifs, and all the hazy thoughts in your head… to simply go back and start over again. The time and the timing, are so crucial, and are to be blamed a lot, in a lot of scenarios.

So, when is the right time? If I had to follow astrology, and know about the right time, I swear on those damn stars, I’d be singing right next to Selena Gomez somewhere in Hollywood. If I’d believe in Numberology, number 3,6 and 9 are the only digits that work for me. Most of my friends and not-really-friends are number 4 and 7.

I’m not going to go into detail of what did or didn’t happen, but I would certainly like to mention that, nothing or no one can control your destiny. “What is meant to happen, will happen, at the time, that it is meant to happen. And if it is not meant to happen, it will never happen.” That does not mean, that I leave it up to destiny alone. She doesn’t get to decide everything. There are a few steps, and risks, and may be even a leap of faith, that we are supposed to take on our own, to see whether we fall, or not. Is that a risk, that you might be willing to take? To test, if it is the right time? Or are you willing to let time pass by, and then say, that, it was never meant to be?

Timing is another story altogether. What if the timing is wrong? Well, I guess, thats the part where destiny plays its cards and is working on it’s check-mate move. But, you at least know, that you tried?

This little piece, has seeded from a nagging thought that I’ve had for a few months, or even years now. So I guess, I’ve come to the conclusion where, I feel like whenever you take your first step, is the right time, and if it does work out for you, may be the stars between the time and the timing were aligned well. And just incase, it didn’t work out, may be the timing just wasn’t right! 

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