Post makeup care

So all of us girls love to get so super dolled up for that one big event. Most women I know either dress up for  men or glam up to make the fairer sex oh-so jealous!
Now, it is important that we all look good and feel a beautiful skin sans make up as well.
The biggest nightmare is to spot that one ugly zit in the center of your face!
Let me first break this myth for you. Makeup does not make your skin unhealthy at all. It is the post make-up care that should be taken which is important. Please spare yourself those 5 extra minutes before bed time. Don’t hit the sack with your skin feeling claustrophobic under a layer through the night. An unclean skin will result in clogged pores leading to bacteria which cause acne.

So, I thought of sharing a few tips for a post makeup regime.

1) Whatever be the kind of make up apply, you must know that every child’s favorite Johnson’s Baby Oil is the rescue to every bit of makeup residue. Use a liberal amount of baby oil on your face and move your fingers in a circular motion and wipe the face with soft tissue paper. Baby wipes make a good option too.
2) Follow it up with a good face wash by Sebamed or Cetaphil. I have sworn by it since ever and hope this product never goes off the shelf! The plus side is , it is easily available in most countries!

3) Further, tone up your face with the Body Shop Vitamin E toner with a small cotton swab. First hit the T-zone and then the rest of the face.

4) And don’t forget to load your skin with a good Moisturiser. Over a period of time, I have become a big fan of the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion which is also easily available all over the world.

These products are really mild and will work wonders on your skin with those 5 extra mins of of post makeup care.

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