Hey my beauties! So Plum Goodness sent me two moisturising creams for the winter months; namely, the Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturising cream and the Plum Nurturance Night Cream.


I’ve already spoken about the Plum Nurturance Night Cream in my Winter Essentials video in detail. If you’d like to know anything about that, please watch the video below:)

But today, I’m here to speak about the PLUM HELLO ALOE CARING DAY MOISTURIZER. This Plum moisturising cream is good for the following reasons:

  • It contains Aloe Vera       img_1299
  • Also contains Vitamin E
  • Contains Glycerine
  • It has only ultra-mild ingredients
  • It’s silicone free
  • Plus, free from harsh chemicals

This Hello Aloe day moisturizer by Plum can be used once or twice a day. It is meant for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

And you know that I have dry skin throughout the year and during the winter months, my skin tends to get dryer! I definitely need a product that hydrates my skin throughout the day. Also, it is light in consistency and gets seeped into the skin really beautifully. It doesn’t leave any greasy or oily layer on my skin at all.The Plum day care cream, helps to keep my skin nourished, soft and supple throughout the day. I generally use this once in the morning and once around early evening. Plus, this day cream can be used alongside any other face care/ makeup products as well!

The Hello Aloe Plum Caring Day Moisturizer is available in a 60 ml tube for Rs.450 on

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