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So, Maybelline India  sent me two of their newly launched products in India. From their MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO range by FACESTUDIO, I received the MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO POWDER and the MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO STICK. Since I knew there was  a third addition of the MAYBELLINE V FACE BLUSH CONTOUR, I decided to buy it and add it to my review for you beauties!

Here is a small review on the MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO products:


This is a soft, mattifying finishing powder. I received this in the shade LIGHT MEDIUM which is just perfect for my skin. It comes in two shades on the inside of the product! Shade A (lighter) and Shade B (darker).MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO POWDER It also has an SPF 32 PA+++ with PERLITE MINERALS, which obviously is a plus for me! You know that I love my makeup products to have skin care properties in them as well!

There are 3 steps to using this:

STEP 1: Mix A+B and dust it all over your foundation applied, to use as a finishing powder

STEP 2: Use A to highlight the T-zone, under eyes and the chin.

STEP 3: Use B to shade along the jawline.

I loved how lightweight this finishing powder is, and it works for different purposes in all the 3 different steps. However, I didn’t see much of a difference with the STEP 2. But, I am gonna try and use it a couple more times to see how this works. Also, the STEP 3 was followed in a different way. And we shall come to that in a bit. Priced at Rs.500.


This is a cream contour and cream highlight stick.MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO STICK

This is by far, one of the best contour and highlight stick that I have ever used from the drugstore. It has amazing pigment, just enough for contour (You can always define sharply by building it up and buffing it lesser than what I did). Plus,the highglight has such a beautiful natural glow, which is buildable too! It comes in this pen-stick form which is really so easy to use. And it is priced at Rs.650. And here’s a little tweek! I followed the STEP 3 of the V FACE DUO  POWDER after contouring my face ! I used the MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO STICK to contour, buffed away the lines and then shaded and pressed the SHADE B of the Duo Powder along all my contour lines. That way, the cream contour would stay in place for a longer time! 😉

Here’s the tool to understand how to contour your face for different shapes of faces:


This little packaging has 3 products in it! A blush, sculpting powder and a powder highlight! I personally used the blush in the shade Pink and loved it! I believe it is available in Peach and a darker shade as well. And it is priced at Rs.550. MAYBELLINE V FACE DUO BLUSH CONTOUR
I’ve also a made a video on how to use these three products. You can watch it here:

I hope that this post has been helpful to you. Have a good day beauties! xo

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