10 makeup tricks for every woman!

10 makeup tricks for every woman!

Make-up should be applied only to enhance your features and making you look presentable, rather than giving you a complete makeover. Some people give themselves a complete makeover by applying layers and layers of make-up (for the better or worse), it totally ends up changing how you actually would look which is not so cool right? I mean what’s the point of someone seeing you and not recognizing you at all sans all your make-up?

So here’s a list of 10 makeup tricks for every woman to enhance your looks!


 After washing your face, apply a primer cream that’s sole purpose is to set your make-up and let it stay in place for hours together. Blend the primer well into the skin and let it rest for about 5-10 minutes. I let it absorb well into my skin and then follow it up with the liquid foundation or a compact.


 Pick a concealer that is closest to your skin tone and dab it on any spots you might have. Or if you have dark circles, take very small drops of the concealer and dab it on the skin under your eyes. Now blend it very lightly until the concealer is nicely settled and the dark circles are no longer visible. Remember less is more! Don’t overdo it.


Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone or is at least close to the shade of your skin. The ladies at the makeup counter know their job really well. They help you out correctly. Pick a liquid foundation which is water based because they are non-comedogenic. To find the tone that matches your face tone, take a drop of it on the inside of your wrist and blend it into the skin. Blend it well with your finger tips or use a foundation brush. Don’t empty half the bottle in one go. A little goes a long way.


Pick a powder that matches your skin tone in the same way. Dust it with the sponge that comes along or buy a powder brush and just run it through the face to seal the foundation. If you have beautiful even skin, you can completely skip the foundation and no one will know!


Buy a Blush of the shade that will add a little freshness to your face and enhances the apple of your cheeks but doesn’t make you look like Santa Claus! Stroke the blush on with the brush in an upward direction towards the eye. Be light on the hand. Go for a warm shade or a little dewy cheek shade depending on the occasion and something that complements the weather as well.


 You could pick a gold bronzer or a silver highlighter to enhance your cheek bones and give your features a sharp cutting. Stroke the bronzer along the lines of the cheek bone (just below the blush on) in an upward direction. It will define your cheeks and contour your face. Don’t go too dark. Blend it well along the blush-on.


Always try using a compact as a base or use the lightest shade of eye shadow as the first layer before applying any other eye make-up. It’ll help you to avoid creasing your eye shadow and let it stayput well.


Enhancing the lashes is always a good idea. It brings out the life in one’s eyes. Don’t go overboard and look like you just jumped out of a scary movie. Just enough to define your eyelashes. And hey! Opt for a waterproof one! You don’t want your mascara to streak your cheeks black in the rain, or when you wash your face.


Define your eyes with a neat line of kohl on the inside of your lower lid.


 Pick a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick or is one shade darker. Line your lips neatly along the border of your lips and color your lips with your favorite lipstick. In case you are looking to go all glossy, dab a bit of transparent gloss in the center of your lips and purse them together for a little extra glam quotient.

Above all, wear a smile!

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