Keep your makeup brushes clean!

Keep your makeup brushes clean!

It is a very essential part of your beauty regime to keep your makeup brushes squeaky clean. A little uncleanliness can lead to bacteria causing infection and acne on your skin.  Invest in a good makeup brush kit..something that will last you a good period of time and

Follow these steps to clean your makeup brushes!

First run your makeup brushes under a faucet to remove any left over makeup

  1. Take a plastic mug or a bowl filled with lukewarm water.
  2. Add a dime sized amount of baby shampoo (for its mildness) or you may take any shampoo that you use for yourself.
  3. Place your makeup brush facing the bristles down in the water. Let it stay infused for about 10 minutes. Make sure you are just dipping the bristles part of the brush and not the grip of it.
  4. Now take the brush and rub it lightly against a clean wet sponge or lightly move it against your palm
  5. Place the brush under the faucet until all the makeup has been washed away
  6. Place the washed brush on a clean paper towel or a hand napkin. It is better to place this under the direct rays of the sun. The heat will kill bacteria, if any. Or just let it dry overnight.
  7. Use the brush only after it is completely dry.

    photo credit: Jackie Belizar. Follow her on Pinterest !
    photo credit: Jackie Belizar. Follow her on Pinterest !

An other alternative to keeping your makeup brush clean is

  1. Wet the bristles under the faucet
  2. Rub olive/baby oil on the bristles
  3. Shampoo the bristles
  4. Rinse it again under the faucet until completely clean
  5. Leave it to dry!

Don’t overlook having clean make-up brushes. It is the key to having infection free make-up and skin!

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