Is wearing foundation daily bad for your skin?

Many of us are under the illusion that wearing foundation makeup everyday can be really bad for our skin. If this thought existed eons ago, I would’ve probably agreed, considering the makeup industry wasn’t that enhanced .But today, the range of makeup has evolved. The ingredients are different and they are made under the supervision of a team of the world’s best dermatologists. So, I no longer agree on the part that applying makeup everyday results in clogging pores and gives birth to zits and acne.

Most, or even all foundation makeups these days have a certain amount of SPF in them. This actually works in saving our skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun. If you are using a foundation with moisturiser, then it is obvious that under that layer of tint, it is actually working on moisturising your skin as well. You just need to understand your skin type and the type the particular foundation is and the type of skin it is meant for. Invest some time to figure out if your skin is oily, dry or a combination skin type. Based on that opt for a foundation which is meant for the type of your skin respectively. Choosing the right foundation is going to work in favour of your skin and will not land you up with affecting your skin in a negative way.

A better way to apply foundation is to first prepare your skin with a primer on a clean skin. There are primers which are available with SPF as well. I use the MAC primer+SPF 50. The purpose of the primer+SPF is to help you set your foundation right. It will not crease your makeup through the day. Also applying a  primer will  not only help your foundation glide smoothly over your skin, but also help it stayput. Since the primer and the foundation both, have an SPF it definitely helps protect my skin.

However, wearing foundation to bed is definitley not good for your skin! So please don’t hit the sack wearing it. Do yourself a favour and cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser and follow it up with your daily skin care regime before you go to bed.

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