Hey girls! I’ve really long and straight hair and I thought I should definitely make a post on how to curl your hair! I love curly hair and use a curling wand/curling iron to curl my hair. You must have read and seen a lot of posts on ways to curl your hair and here’s another one on how to curl your hair!

So, sharing my favourite curling hair products with you to curl your long hair. (Actually you can use the same techniques to be curling your short hair as well!)

I use 4 main hair products to curl my hair, namely ; a heat protectant hair spray to protect my hair from any heated tool damage, a rat tail comb to section and part my hair, a hair styling/ hair setting spray and obviously the best curling iron that I know of!

So here are some hair tips before we get started on how to curl your hair with a curling wand or a curling iron! I love to first shampoo and condition my hair and just semi-blow dry my hair. I brush my hair to make sure there are no tangles and then spray the Fx Flat Iron thermal hair spray. (You can use any heat protectant spray). I then spread the product evenly all through the length of the hair until the very end, keeping it away from the roots. A heat protectant spray is the most important product to save your hair from all the damage your hair is about to go through! Now that the hair has been protected from the damage, you can section your hair with the rat tail comb and pick up section by section to curl it. Meanwhile, I keep my favourite curling wand by Ikonic Salon Solutions to heat up. It needs to be ready at 180 degrees Celsius which actually takes just about ten seconds. Again, you can use any hair curling wand, and any sized barrel depending on the size of the curls that you are looking for. The Ikonic Salon Solutions curling wand comes with just one singular wand (no attachable curling barrels). But then it has a tapering end and a wide end to the barrel that it comes with. So I love that I can have tighter hair curls or softer hair curls as per my mood and all I need to do is, twirl my hair around the particular side of the wand. I count ten mississipis and voila! The hair curl is ready! And then you follow the same drill to curl your hair.

I love this simple and easy technique to get a curly hair style! Once all the curls have been made, I use the Dove Flexible Hold Style + Care Hair Spray to fix my hair style. Using a hair fixing or setting spray helps to keep your hair style intact. Once the spray has been spread evenly, I’m done with my hair curls and good to go!

I hope you have liked my post on how to curl your hair! Please share below as to what you do to curl your hair and the hair curling products that you use in the comments section!




You can watch the tutorial here!

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