How to apply foundation the right way!

How to apply foundation the right way!

I’ve seen many women at drug stores and makeup outlets struggling to buy the right kind of foundation to add to their makeup kits. Picking up the right foundation is the most important step for your make up to look right. Once you have picked the right foundation, applying it correctly is another step.

Let us start with picking the right shade of foundation for your skin. Makeup counters are generally attended by men and women who really know their job well. They have quite some knowledge when it comes to making you look beautiful. If you are a newbie, don’t hesitate in asking for help.

There are different types of foundations available. Cream based, water based, oil based et all. Understand your skin type, the weather and purpose of buying a foundation and pick one accordingly. Take a bit of it and blend it on the inside of your wrist or test it under the cheek/ jaw line on one side of your face and see if the shade matches the side with no makeup. This will help you pick the shade of foundation closest to your skin tone. Pay attention to the texture of the foundation as well. See if you like the liquid dewy look or if you want to have a creamier finish.

In case you do not have an even skin tone, you might have to mix a different shade to get the perfect one closest to your skin. But it’s all broken down in a simple process for you.

First wash your face clean with a mild cleanser and pat it dry. Now apply a primer base, or just moisturize your face with a non-comedogenic moisturizer since they do not block pores and let the skin absorb this for about 2-3 minutes before following it up with applying the foundation. Also make sure when you are working on your face, your hands are clean and so is your make up brush. You do not want your face to pick any germs right?


Pick a foundation brush or take a sponge (Whatever suits the movement of your hands while applying the foundation). Just remember to spritz some water on the brush or soak the sponge a little bit. This is will not absorb your make up in the tools and will help you blend it well into your skin.

photo credit:danielle detwiler. Follow her on pinterest!
photo credit:danielle detwiler. Follow her on pinterest!

From the middle of your face, start moving your sponge blending the foundation into the skin. Gradually blend it onto your forehead and chin area as well. If there are any blemishes or dark areas, then use a concealer of the same shade and just dab it over the spots blending it in with foundation eventually.

If you want the foundation to have a mattifying effect and would want it to stay longer, then dust a little compact lightly all over the face with a powder brush or a sponge. Do not go overboard with the quantity of either. The key is to enhance your looks and not end up with a cakey face!

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