Hey my loves! I hope all of you are doing really well. As you might already know, I was travelling the last few days. This time, I was in Frankfurt, Germany for some official work, which had absolutely nothing to do with the blog. But, I always try to be consistent with the content on my Instagram page, and I shared some styling posts and makeup videos from my travel days as well. In this post, I decided on doing something different. Although, I wish I had a few more pictures for this write-up. Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned on doing this post earlier, else I would’ve made sure, that I’d spammed you with a lot more pictures to come!

Anyway, in this post, I will try to take you through one of my days in Frankfurt City, which was really light, and when I was able to make some time for an evening out. I’ve been to Frankfurt before as well. However, this time I made it a point to go and visit the Frankfurt Main River. Since, I am always travelling for work, it was a good change to take a few hours off and take the feel of the place!

I was living at Adina Apartments, Westend, which was only 2 mins walking distance from my work place, in Messe Frankfurt. Also, about half a minute walking distance from the Skyline Plaza! This mall had every brand I could ask for, and even Chipotle! ☝️
So I definitely wasn’t missing much of Houston in Frankfurt. Also, I’ve always felt that Frankfurt is a mini version of New York City. Theres also an old Frankfurt in Frankfurt, which has older architecture and older culture. Every building has a character, and every lane, has a story. So around 3:45pm, we left for the Frankfurt Main River from the hotel. Like an old school tourist, I grabbed a map from the hotel desk, and we headed out in a cab. It was about 14 minutes and 14 euros for me! We headed to the riverside, which also had a small cafeteria. Stood by the riverside steel borders for about ten minutes and took it all in!


To the front, was the river, with some old buildings


and right above it was this small, but rich The Locks of Love Bridge, humbly looking down upon all of us. If you know what I mean? We then walked just about ten steps to get to the bridge.And suddenly, I was now starting to feel small on that bridge.


All these Locks of Love, made me realise, how strongly people believe in love and how it can be the greatest feeling in the world for some! And how, it can even be devastating for a few.IMG_1968 2

The weather was so good!  Just the perfect amount of sunshine, with the perfect amount of warmth, and just the perfect amount of cool breeze! If you know me well, you know that I always like to dress as per the place I am going to. Even if no one is going to see me! Although of course, I was going to get some pictures of me, to share with you guys. But, you know what I mean? I like to dress up for myself, mostly! And since this was a nice summer evening, I decided to dress up in a 3/4th length maxi dress in lavender.


I’d picked this up, right before I left for the trip. The dress is from the latest collection of Cover Story (not sponsored! ). It feels like soft satin, gracing the skin, and it has some really feminine detailing along the sleeves and designs on the entire dress. Also, it flows so beautifully in the breeze. The flow of the dress in the breeze, made me believe that I was the lead heroine in one of those YRF movies. 😂 I paired the dress, with my infamous beige pump open shoes, from AJIO Life (Not sponsored again!) However, heels are definitely not the best to walk in all day! So, I had my flip flops with me. You know, just in case? And of course, I paired the outfit with my new sling from Shopper’s Stop. A friend reminded me that it almost looks like the Chloe Sling! It is beige and has a steel ring around it, which goes with the shoes and the dress so beautifully! And of course, I teamed up the look with my age old Ray Bans! (not sponsored!!) Not sure, if you can spot the ring on my finger. It was a piece I shopped from a road-side stall in Lokhandwala Market.


We ended the evening with some ice cream, from the market streets around and headed back to the hotel in a cab. This time it was Euros 13 and 50 cents for 10 minutes!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this little piece. If you did, please do let me know on Instagram and I’d love to share more travel and styling posts on the blog.

Lots of love. xo

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