Hey girls! 

Since I received great feedback on my last styling post, I decided to try and up my game with respect to the same on the blog!


I personally love the combination of blue ripped or distressed denims with a simple plain white t-shirt. I feel it looks so casual and chic at the same time. And a perfect pair of well fitted denims can do wonders to your look. IMG_0315

Recently, if you have watched my haul video, then you might know I picked up a pair of a dark shaded blue denims from GAP India. They were having a scheme and I got a great deal of savings on that pair of jeans! So, why not! The denims costed me only half, at Rs.1599. These were actually retailing for Rs.3000 without the scheme I got lucky with!

The belt is from H&M which I’d picked up a few months ago. I think it was priced at Rs.699 if I remember correctly. It is the perfect black belt for me, with a simple, yet classy silver buckle to it that fits my waist just about correctly!


Since I was aiming at a more winter, biker-babe kinda look ?, I opted for a black leather jacket and black boots from H & M, which I have featured earlier as well!  IMG_0280

The jacket is actually a faux leather one which I picked up from the Black Rivet store in LA this summer, only to add to my collection ! It was priced at $39.99 during Sale! Your girl has been getting lucky, saving all the big bucks on some great steals! ?

And did I forget to mention the plain white t-shirt? Well, you can call me a hoarder or obsessor of plain t-shirts! I don’t know what it is, that draws me to a plain white, or a plain black t-shirt!

And don’t even get me started with my feelings towards grey!

Anyway, this white one is from Go Colors, India and it fits me beautifully and at the same time, it gives me room for movement as well. It is not a typical body hugging t-shirt. But that would look great on such a look too! And it was priced at Rs.399 at their store in Mumbai.IMG_0344

The shades, again are from A’gaci Stores, LA and were priced at $6.99 or $7.99 only.

I hope you enjoyed reading this small piece. Do share the post, and remember, always wear what you feel the most comfortable in. Make it your own style and you will never feel the need to fit in! Except for, in a good pair of jeans~ ?

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