Fiama Scents Body Wash Review

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If you have been following me for a bit now, then you’ve probably already
known about my love for personal care products by @fiamaindia. My relationship with ITC’s skin care range leads me to a funny and vivid memory which I would like to cite here.

I was nominated for one of the coveted beauty award in the country and Fiama had generously pampered all participants by placing a delightful goodie bag which had Shower  Gels, Loofahs and Bath Sponges in our hotel rooms. What was particularly memorable was how they formed a trail right from my room’s entrance with 12 tiny floaty yellow ducks on the floor that would make squeaky noises every time I would step on them, directing me to the bathroom to their new range back then! Not only did the sheer creativity impress me, but also made me keen to explore the new range, which I later discovered upon use was packed with an innovative technology.

Fiama is one brand which occupies the pride of place in ITC’s personal care segment. It also enjoys the repute of being the 2nd largest shower gel brand in the country. And the latest range of Fiama Scents does complete justice to the portfolio.

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash

It has a first of its kind innovation, enforced by Brand Ambassador, Sara Ali Khan, I personally think there couldn’t have been a better choice for endorsement. She is fresh, vibrant and has a youthful exuberance which make her the ideal choice for the brand. You can watch the T.V. Commercial here.

I will explain what makes me hooked to the #FiamaScents  range. They are crafted with fragrance encapsulation technology that enables fragrance release with just a slight rub on the skin that lasts for 8 hours after a bath. You really have to use it to believe it! I honestly love the lingering scent of the Mimosa and Neroli Body Wash.

Fiama Scents Mimosa and Neroli Body Wash
Fiama Scents Mimosa and Neroli Body Wash

It smells so good, you might just take it for a Mimosa, literally!


I also love the Juniper and Geranium fragrance.

Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium Body Wash
Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium Body Wash
Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium Body Wash
Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium Body Wash

This breakthrough #TouchActivatedFragranceTechnology gives you a burst of freshness for up to 8 hours along with long lasting fragrance delivery through skin friendly micro fragrance capsules which burst on touch or slight rub, and they are also eco friendly.


It definitely is a must have for me at home, as well as a travel essential for sure!

These also have the #MostLongLastingFragrance amongst Body Washes in India. And if all the above reasons are not enough to tempt you to buy your piece today, simply try it as it lets you surrender to the sheer #JoyOfBathing. Be it the first ever Gel Bar designed with patented technology , Fiama has proven to be the leader in innovation. The packaging is equally endearing. Sleek shape, beautiful popping colors and designs on the outside, a flip cap, that shuts perfectly and will not leak even when you travel with it. And do I need to say more about the fragrance? The minute you open the cap, the scent might just make you think it’s edible. But #warning, it’s not. :p


It is available in two sizes. Priced at, 250 ml for Rs.199 and a travel pack of 100ml for Rs.55. Fiama Scents is being rolled out across leading retail stores and e-commerce portals in India.


Simply feeling beautiful and tranquil is the main goal of a leisurely bath. Even the thought is gratifying. So go ahead and create a happy haven in your bathroom with the #FiamaScents #BodyWash range and change your shower experience for the rest of your life because now #AllDayFresh with Fiama is just a touch away. So, #DilKoDeLift!

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