Coffee bad for you?

Coffee bad for you?

Coffee has been becoming a typical norm to go out for dates and have meetings . You wake up and chug down a whole mug of coffee or simply enjoy it while driving to work. But, are you just stopping right there? All the various macchiato and lattes can become more than just a “start-my-day” drink.

Coffee has its own nutrients which can be good for health as well. Experts have even claimed coffee to prevent Alzheimer’s in old age. But how bad can too much coffee get for you? It is a known fact that caffeine helps us boost our energy levels and keeps us going through the tedious hours at work and gets us through the long nights. It helps one fight depression by uplifting the mood.

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It is said that coffee and tea have tannin in them. This ingredient pretty much helps you to block your skin, causing you clogged pores. It is yet not concluded if coffee is the real cause of acne or not, but yes, it could add plight to your already existing zits.

Also, you could opt for a black coffee rather than the sinful activity of adding the extra caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, cream, foam or just normal milk and sugar! The best way to yet have a sweet coffee is by avoiding direct sugar and going for brown sugar or opting for zero calorie sweeteners. Opt for skimmed milk as opposed to regular milk. Skimmed milk has a calorie count of an approximate 380-400 calories as against an approximate of 700 calories in regular fat milk.

Coffee doesn’t really succeed in keeping your teeth white or giving you a fresh breath either.
Think twice before getting becoming a caffeinoholic! If you still cannot resist, say cheers to a decaf.

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