Hey girls! Since the summer months are here, I’ve been sharing a lot of my summer wear posts on Instagram and I’ve received a lot of positive response from you guys!




So once again, here is a short post, about this Cotton tie-dye gown in Orange that I purchased from a random store in Bandra, Mumbai about a year ago! And you know what? I never came around to wearing it. I am not sure why! I love how the gown has been shaped as a whole. If you notice, it has a beautiful flair in a long short pattern. A little short in the front, just, right above the ankle and almost touching your heels in the back. Almost a dreamy feel to this spring summer wear.




You can wear the gown loosely, without really tying it at the waist. But I love to sort of add a little shape to every outfit that I wear. I am just not about the baggy look with gowns at all. So I took an extremely thin Orange waist belt that I remember picking up from the a store called Ibizza in Bandra, again. The belt has a beautiful gold buckle to it, to add a little  division. And you can always tuck out the upper half of the dress and make it look like the right amount of bagginess! If you know what I mean?

Now, for the summers, I suggest wearing white flip flops with this look, if you are thinking of taking a stroll at the beach. But I was planning on heading out to a brunch at a The Westin, so I teamed up this outfit with a very simple, yet classy looking beige open pumps by Ajio Life. Off late, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping for shoes there!

To compliment the orange, and the beige, I had to reach out for my mercurial shades by Rayban. These have brown mercurial glasses, which look so damn cool! And the perfect framing for my face too.



Of course, I wanted to add a touch of bronzer for my makeup and I went ahead with my favourite Sephora, Sunset Bahamas Bronzer and a nude lip shade. But I made sure, to line the lips first, to add a bit of definition, since the makeup was going to be super minimalistic. For me, makeup is about enhancing the features more and adding a hint of colour, more than achieving perfection. The lip liner I used, is by MUD Cosmetics, in the shade Mauve. They recently launched in India on If I am not wrong, it retails for Rs.499. Then I filled in the lips, using the Faces Canada, Ultime Pro Lip Crayon in Matte in the shade Nude.

And that you guys, is pretty much how I styled myself to the brunch on a Summer Afternoon!

I hope you liked reading this one. Please don’t forget to share the post if you liked it! xo

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