BB cream

BB cream

What is a BB cream?

A BB cream is the short form for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm cream. It actually took a lot of space in the beauty market in the whole of Asia and now has picked up momentum in the Western Markets too.

A BB cream is actually a healthy way of including make-up in your everyday beauty regime. BB creams come with a broad spectrum SPF 30,50 and even more. Along with the SPF, it has a daily moisturiser as well. The purpose of a BB cream is to get an all-in-one sunscreen, moisturiser with a hint of colour to even out the complexion. So the idea of a BB cream is that along with all the healthy properties, it will also save you time by just applying one product ! BB creams are available from about 3-5 shades generically and there is always a shade close to your skin tone that you are going to find !

How to apply BB cream?

You can simply use your finger tips to dab and blend it in your skin. If you are more comfortable using a sponge or a foundation brush, you could try that as well. I recommend using your fingers lightly and gently since it is easily blend-able.

Most of the brands have a range of BB creams now. My most favorite one is Neutrogena’s Visibly Even BB cream with the SPF 30 and daily moisturiser. The one that I use is a light to medium shade and gives a nice sheen and protection to the face before stepping out.

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