Hey beauties.. ! It’s been a while since I’ve written reviews and updated the blog website. But, it’s better late than never right?

If you have been following me on snapchat, then you might have seen me attending the Aviance India meet up at The Korner House, Bandra which happened recently.IMG_2026

Honesly, I had no clue that the event would turn out to be so wonderful! I am sad, that I didn’t take the opportunity to vlog for you lovelies.

Anyway, so Aviance is a range of beauty products by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. And rightly so, it has lived up to the mark of such a big name! All of us present at the event , were given an opportunity to test the products , try them the way we would’ve liked to try them and touch and feel the products!IMG_2093

Now, you girls know that I’m way too honest a person and I do not mince my opinion with any cover-up words at all!

So, I studied the range of products that Aviance has. One is a range for HYDRATION, which is called the HYDRA REGIME range and the other one is for BRIGHTENING dull skin which is called the RADIANCE REGIME range. SO since my skin wasn’t feeling so dry since the past few days, I decided to work towards the dullness aspect of my skin.

I took a bit of the AVIIMG_2092ANCE WHITE INTENSE RADIANCE REVIVE ADVANCED SERUM and applied it on the back of my hand and just softly rubbed it in into my skin, and voila!

It disappeared within a few circular motions of applying it! This serum was so well absorbed into the skin, it quickly worked at hydrating my skin, gave a smooth shiny finish and very soft feel to my hand! In my mind, I just knew it would definitely work wonders on my facial skin ! And similar was the case with the HYDRA GEL as well! Plus, the smell these products have is so so soothing and awakening all at the same time!

It’s been about over a couple of days now that I’ve been using the AVIANCE WHITE INTENSE RADIANCE REVIVE ADVANCED SERUM regularly everyday now. I’ve included it in my skin care routine. I have been legit using it every single morning after washing my face with the a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin, and at times I use it in the evening as well. It is supposed to be used once in the morning and once at night.



I take about 3 pumps of this product onto my palm and slowly dot it with my finger tip all over my face and spread it evenly across the entire face. I pat it softly and gently into the skin with my fingertips and massage it in circular motions all over the skin. Although, it doesn’t need to be worked upon so much, I do it anyway because it just makes me feel good!


This serum immediately gets soaked in into my skin, makes my face feel baby skin soft!, fresh, really smooth in finish and actually leaves a hint of a polished glow onto the surface of my skin which I love!


THE RADIANCE REVIVE ADVANCED SERUM is made up of CHAMOMILE, WITCH HAZEL and GREEN TEA BLEND with ACTIVE PEPTIDES and DUAL VITAMINS to soothe and even skin tone, unveiling a rare radiance!


And since my skin has been a lil’ bit tanned and dull off late, I needed a serum just like that! I have been loving the soft radiance and healthy glow the AVIANCE WHITE INTENSE SERUM has been adding to my face. I follow it up with my favourite moisturizer and sunscreen to complete my skin care routine.

At the event, I also did try the AVIANCE HYRDATION REGIME range. The minute I dipped my finger into the AVIANCE HYDRATING GEL, I knew it was one of the best moisturising gels out there! And let me tell you, I’ve tried a hell lot of products up until now!

They have a lot of products under each range:

The RADIANCE REGIME range has:

The Aviance ultra brightening cleansing gel, brightening reveal scrub, radiance revive advanced serum, visible radiance day gel and the radiance restore night masque.

And The HYDRATION REGIME range has:

The Revitalising cleansing gel, moisture infused advanced serum, skin perfecting day creme and the night restore creme masque.

So you have a solution to dry skin, dull skin or uneven skin problems from their entire range! I’m actually looking forward to getting their scrub and night masque from the Radiance regime range. And if I do try those products, I shall definitely try and review them for you girls !

You can get these products on amazon.in 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do comment below and let me know if you’d like me to keep posting often on the blog as well, apart from my videos! And as always, don’t forget to share this post as well!

Have a radiant day ladies! xo

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