7 Tips for younger looking skin!

7 Tips for younger looking skin!

All of us want amazing, younger looking skin irrespective of the age we are at ! Did you know that we should start taking care of our skin as early as the age of 25 to prevent aging of the skin?

Here’s sharing with you 7 tips for younger looking skin this summer!

Ice is very good to stimulate skin cells and adds a freshness to the skin. Make sure to clean your face with a gentle cleanser and follow it up with some ice cube massage all over the face once you are back from the sun. This will help keep all the redness and tiredness at bay and will leave you with younger looking skin. You could also freeze some rose water in an ice cube tray and use a rose water ice cube which will help to tone your skin as well.

Remember to include Vitamin C in your diet and as a topical treatment as well. Include foods that are rich in Vitamin C as they are the best antioxidants for your skin and will help maintaining the collagen at its best level as well as help with lightening of the skin. There are Vitamin C supplements as well as serums available in the market. Include a supplement in your everyday diet and apply the serum on a clean face once in the morning to get a youthful complexion.

Honey is the best natural moisturizer for your face. The more you keep your skin moisturized, the lesser wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Apply a teaspoon of honey on your face before going to bed and wash it off with cold water after 10-15 minutes. You will definitely start seeing results sooner than you expect.

Working out, yoga or any form of physical activity will help detoxify your body. Exercising keeps the blood circulation going and oxygenates the skin. Thus, resulting in flushed, happy looking and a younger skin.

Sunscreen my friends, is the most important tool for younger looking skin. Apply and re-apply a generous amount of sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. The more you are responsible with your sunscreen, the lesser problems with your skin!

Drink lots of water! I personally keep water at my desk, near my bed side and in my car. So, mostly everywhere I am at all times! This way I keep sipping on water at intervals and this keeps the skin hydrated, fresh and young.

Include green tea! Drinking a cup of plain green tea works as a great antioxidant for your skin and will definitely show you results on your skin as well as weight!

 (*photo courtesy: empathogen.com)

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