4 Minute Home Ab Workout!

4 Minute Home Ab Workout!

Have you been binge eating while watching light night sitcoms or chugging down shots at fun occasions and forgotten the need to exercise and follow a diet? Stop being careless towards yourself right now and start with including this 4 minute ab workout.

Set the timer on your phone!

Place your stepper and set the most inspiring music with beats that uplift your mood and do not forget to focus!
1)Start your warm up with a step-up exercise for a whole minute.

2) Mountain climbing for 30 seconds

3) Crunches for 45 seconds

4) Leg Raises (90,60,30 degrees) 45 seconds

5) Planks 30 seconds

6) Side planks 30 seconds

Now control the urge to eat those fried salty chips!


(photo found on Skinnymom. Follow on Pinterest!)

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