4 Best Mascaras!

4 Best Mascaras!

A woman’s eyes definitely can do a lot of talking ! To add a lil’ oomph factor to the eyes, I always believe in using a good waterproof mascara! Here’s a list of my 4 most favourite Mascaras to achieve beautiful lashes!

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara is one on-the-go mascara every girl should have in her make-up kit. It really works at adding volume to your lashes. I do not let the mascara dry in between application. Fortunately, my hand is straight and firm while applying the mascara and in very swift movements, I can apply the Maybelline Collasal Volum Express Waterproof Mascara from the root of the lash to the tip and curling it outward or giving it a finish that I want to see. And yes! It is waterproof!

I am in love with the Dior Mascara! It is quite on the expensive side of things. But then, it is DIOR! And having one in your makeup kit won’t really burn so much of a hole in your pocket. The Dior mascara is such a lightweight beauty for the eyes. It just works right on the lashes. A single coat is enough to make your lashes look nice and defined. If you are looking at a thicker or more volumizing look to your lashes, then go in for a second coat without a doubt!

The Clinique high impact mascara is also just so amazing! The trick to using any mascara is to use a little amount and not load your lashes and make them look all clumpy. The Clinique high impact mascara works beautifully on the lashes and gives them a nice evenly spread out and lengthy look.

MAC can never be left out in the race of beauty products. Keeping my special love for MAC aside, the MAC mascara just does an amazing job in adding that extra pop you need to enhance your lashes. MAC also has a beautiful primer for lashes. In case you do not wish to go too heavy, you can simply use the transparent primer on your lashes and I’m sure you are going to love the look you get.

Here is a little tip on how to apply mascara! If you really want your mascara to settle well, go in for a primer for the lashes. A nice light stroke of primer will work really well before setting some mascara on your lashes. Let it rest for 2 minutes and then go ahead with the application of the mascara! Hey girl, don’t forget to batter your eyelashes! And hey, I am in total love with the MAC primer for the lashes!

(*photo courtesy: womenshealthmag.com)

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