Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water?

It’s a world renowned fact that water is the most essential part of the earth, the human body and that we must all drink a minimum of about 3 litres of water a day. Water regulates the digestive system, keeps your metabolic rate rocking, helps you keep energetic throughout the day, and above all it keeps your skin and hair super healthy. Drinking enough water everyday will make your skin supple and add the much required sheen to your long tresses.
Now, I completely understand that drinking bland water gets boring. It is bland. So bland. That is why many of us love aerated drinks, and Vitamin waters that are available in the cold sections of the departmental stores. We dump our refrigerators with packed juices and love the chilled rush when we drink them. Now, did you ever consider having a fresh fruit? Or not drinking these sugar saturated drinks? If you thought you were having fresh juices from tetra packs, then that is not the case at all. These juices have sugar and preservatives and will never help you to lose weight or your love handles.
Since I have been so much into fitness and eating the right stuff, with a lot of research I found my way to drink litres of water everyday.


Days I need water to be tasty, I infuse it with some lime wedges and ice along with some mint leaves. It adds the necessary vitamin C that your body needs to keep you away from the dullness and fatigue. Also, did you know that consuming vitamin C in any form will prevent your skin from aging, darkening and keep you years away from deep pigmentation? The mint leaves have always been my most favourite. Mint leaves bring freshness and add a spearmint taste to the drink.
Seasonal fruits like Strawberries, Oranges, Berries, Apples can also be mixed with Mint or a dash of lime and ice blocks to your litre bottles.

It’s the best way to start drinking water and having fresh fruit flavours in your diet indirectly without the harmful sugars.
Drink away!


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