10 ways to be a healthier you!

10 ways to be a healthier you!

The pace of everyone’s lives has been getting a notch higher day by day. We have been running after goals, ambitions, money, our family, and all the mundane stuff. In the process we forget to give a little time for ourselves. So to make our lives easier, here are ten pointers which you can include in your everyday lifestyle to be a healthier version of a beautiful you!

  • Your body needs rest. So stop burning the midnight oil. An average 6-8 hours of sleep is essential for every human body. A good sleep will give you healthy skin,hair and rested muscles. It will also boost your focus and concentration powers.
  • Start your day with a warm glass of honey and lime water.
  • Eat foods high in protein and low in carbs. Protein rich food increases the muscle mass and eating low carbs are easier to burn and will help maintain your weight.
  • Consume Green Tea
  • Exercise daily, come what may! It is rightly said that your body is your temple. Some form of physical activity is very essential for the overall health of your body. Try a 20 minute run, or a swim or even skipping.
  • Include fruits and green veggies in your diet. Stop dumping your refrigerator with junk food. Buy the right stuff, so you fall into the pattern of eating the right stuff.
  • Once in a while, go on a detox diet. Fruit cleanse or Juice cleanse will keep your system free from the toxins.
  • Light and early dinners should be the norm of the day. Make your breakfast heavy. But eat your dinner early and light so that there is time for digestion before you hit the sack. You don’t want a round wish making belly few months down the line!
  • Think Positive.Thinking positive is the key to battling most of the inner problems that we face in our lives. Apply the law of attraction and happiness and positivity will follow.
  • Be around the ones you love!


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