Post workout beauty fix!

Here’s a list of things to do post your workout to get a quick beauty fix!

Keep a dry shampoo ready in your bag to get rid off the oiliness and grimy looking hair! Spritz it over the roots and run your fingers gently to get fresh clean looking hair. But hey! Don’t make it a habit to stock your hair roots with it. Use a dry shampoo only in emergency situations. A hair wash is a hair wash!

Baby wipes are not meant just for babies! Keep them in your bag. If you don’t have the time to squeeze in a shower, use these to clean your hands and neck.

Wash your face clean after your workout as well. You do not want bacteria to gather on your sweaty face. That will definitely invite acne. Use a gentle cleanser.

Follow it up with a BB cream if you want a tint to your moisturiser and sunblock.

Gloss it up! Use a natural colored lip shade or just dab a light pink or peachy gloss to your lips. It will make you look presentable even after your workout!

Keep a kohl pencil and mascara in your kit. Just in case you love drawing attention to your eyes!

And hey! take the effort to change into a different pair of clothes even if you cannot take a quick shower. You do not want to put people off. Nor do you want to sit in all the sweaty mess that you created for hours!

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