Olive oil good for hair?

Olive oil good for hair?

Olive oil is derived by pressing whole olives. Olive oil is said to be rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Did you know that eating whole olives also worked as good antioxidants?

Olive oil can be used for innumerable purposes. In this post, we shall target the purpose of olive oil on hair. Why is olive oil good for hair? How is it good for hair?

The chemicals in your shampoo, dust , sun rays and everyday heated styling is a lot of abuse to your beautiful tresses. Your hair is gradually losing all it’s sheen and moisture and in the process it’s becoming dry and brittle. Avoiding all of that hair abuse completely is next to impossible. But we can correct the damage done to our hair.

Olive oil is the biggest answer to a lot of hair related questions. It is easily available everywhere. Pick it up on your visit to grocery shopping.

Here are a few reasons why and how olive oil is good for hair.

  • Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and helps nourish the scalp. Heat a bit of olive oil in the microwave and apply it with a cotton swab on the roots before taking a hair wash or let it rest overnight. This will help strengthen your hair roots and keep your scalp healthy and nourished.
  • Olive oil works as a natural serum. It has no external properties. Use it on the ends of your hair after a wash. Not too much. Just a few tiny drops should suffice. This will moisturize your hair and nourish it , whilst keeping it away from split ends. It will soften your hair and give it a natural sheen, making the shaft of your hair strong and healthy.
  • Olive oil when mixed with a few drops of lavender or any other essential oils helps in stopping hair fall and leads to growth of new hair.
  • Use olive oil to tame any fly aways or baby hair instead of applying a hair gel.
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