How to wear a Matte Lipstick!

How to wear a Matte Lipstick!

Hey girls! If you know me well by now, I’m sure you know how much I’m in love with matte lipsticks! I totally feel matte is the way to go!

The way to applying a glossy lipstick, or just a lip gloss is super duper simple and you could never ever go wrong, even if you tried to!

But applying a matte lipstick could get a little tricky for first timers. So here’s sharing with you 7 ways of doing so!

Exfoliate! Remember matte lipstick can get a caked up and broken on dry, bleeding and flaky lips. You don’t want that to happen. So exfoliate from time to time. I generally prefer to mix a little sugar, honey and olive/ coconut oil and use it as a scrub to exfoliate the dead layer off the lips. Try doing this just before going to bed. So your lips are not loaded with another sweep of lipstick !

Moisturize! Post exfoliating, your lips need some pampering. Use any lip balm, oil or Vaseline! Wake up to really soft baby lips! I use the Maybelline baby lips!

Just before applying your lip shade, remembe98r to prep your lips. There are lip primers available as well. Dab a little on your lips and your lips are ready to set your favorite lip shade!

If you do not have a primer , dab your compact powder or use a concealer to act as a base. Now apply your lipstick nicely. This will prevent your shade from cracking and looking caked up with creasy lips.

Line your lips neatly with a lip liner. The trick to having your lips looking nicely shaped and just prim and proper is using a lip liner. I use a liner shade that merges with the shade of my lipstick so that the lips don’t look like they are made up!

Above all, remember to clean the corners of your lips with any lipstick residue. You could use a sponge with some concealer to do the work.

And hey! a lipstick brush can do a lot of talking for your lips! Try using a nice soft brush to spread the lipstick nice and even.

My favorite matte is the MAC Ruby Voo! I could never ever get tired of it!

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