How to apply Bronzer in 1 minute?!

How to apply Bronzer in 1 minute?!

Applying bronzer will help enhance your features like your cheek bones, nose and give you a chiseled jaw line. It is meant for sharp contouring of the face.

How to apply bronzer?

Choose a shade of the bronzer that is close to a tone darker than your face. You want your face to look bronzed upon, a little sun-kissed and a little warm.

Select a bronzer brush. You could use a blush-on brush as well if you don’t have the prior one. Using the brush, dust some bronzer in an upward sweep on the cheeks, the nose, the corners of the forehead, and give it a little contouring right under the chin to get that perfect jaw line.

Dust the bronzer lightly on the neck and ears to match the tone with the rest of the face and you are good to go!



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