DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum Review!

I’ve been talking all about skin, hair, make-up , fitness and food! I’ve been receiving emails saying it is time I should include product reviews in my lifestyle blog! So, I thought I’d write about my favourite perfume scent DKNY’s Be Delicious. I shall try my best to give a detailed review of this product and may be you could share with me about which scent you like the most on yourself.

So I’d come across Be Delicious about 4 years ago at a Walgreen’s in Houston. I tried it and I immediately knew that I just wanted it and this is what is me! All my life, for some strange reason, I’ve always been either winning a perfume coupon, or had them as travel gifts from friends and family and trust me, I’ve never ever ever spent a dime on a perfume bottle for myself! I know it sounds unreal. But I have a lot of people who travel in and around places of the world and I guess perfumes and make-up items come in easy for anyone when it comes to gift to a girl. I must tell you that Donna Karen New York was the first perfume where I actually had to shell out money to buy a perfume and it pinched when I had to do that! I have about 25 perfumes from all different kinds of brands at home and I still went around looking for a fragrance to call my own.

The Be Delicious by DKNY comes in a Green Apple shaped bottle with a shiny steel top and a sturdy transparent green glass round bottle. It has a very nice easy press down button to spray carved nicely inside the steel in a pretty triangular shape. So that part is really awesome where you don’t really have to worry about the pump of your perfume bottle to break or leak or anything ugly. Trust me this looks so simple and so damn pretty! The scent is a combination of green apples, lilies and aqua. Some say it also has a musky tinge towards the end. To me, the green apple and aqua is such an awesome combination. I ain’t much of a fruity scented person but the balance they have brought to the fruit is clearly something you will understand once you wear it. We all know that the same perfume smells different on different people. That is because of the chemistry involved with the natural body scent as well. This perfume brings a whiff of freshness and will definitely wake you up on a sloppy afternoon. If you are looking for a day or a summer/spring perfume, this is it! The scent is sweet, yet sour! It is a Godly combination! It lingers on my skin all day. And you know what, once in a while, I even spritz a little of this in my wardrobe. Top Secret okay.

DKNY has also come out with the red, golden and pink apple range. But the green apple is going to be my blind choice!
This one is available in all sizes. Right from a pen stick, up to a 3.4 ounce bottle. And it is easily available on Amazon! What more can we ask for !?

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