Cream Blush v/s Powder Blush

Cream Blush v/s Powder Blush

Adding a hint of blush-on to your cheeks contours the entire face and adds a little color to highlight those cheek bones! Blush-on’s are available in very many colors and shades, textures and effects and it is easy to find a color of your choice. Select a color as per your skin tone. Something that makes the shade naturally blend. You must know that blush-on’s come in cream or powder forms. There are liquid tints available as well. But we shall talk about the cream v/s powder blush-on’s.

Select a cream blush-on if you’ve got dry skin. It’ll add a nice sheen to your cheeks along with working at adding moisture. Cream blush-on’s generally work at giving a very nice dewy look.

A powder blush-on is better suited for a person with oily skin. The powder blush-on has a tendency to stay well in place and will stay for hours on an oily skin.

Remember not to blast your face with the color. Go easy while blending it in. Sweep some upward strokes and contour the cheek bone. This will add a nice shape to the face and enhance your features.

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