Coconut oil for hair and skin!

Coconut oil for hair and skin!

Coconut oil has been being used for eons now. It has an innumerable amount of uses and can benefit your hair and skin in umpteen ways.

Here’s a list of 5 benefits and uses of coconut on your hair and skin


Coconut oil works as an amazing moisturizer on the super dry areas of the body. It can also be rubbed lightly on the face before going to bed.

Hair food

Warm some coconut oil in the microwave. Take a swab of cotton and oil the whole scalp about once or twice a week. Make it your pre-poo treatment or let it rest overnight. This will make your hair stronger, well nourished and full of moisture and shine.


Mix a bit of table sugar with an adequate proportion of coconut oil to make it a homemade scrub. Exfoliate the dead layers of your skin with this concoction.

Lip Balm

You can use the sugar and oil scrub on your lips to get rid of all the flaky chapped skin.

Makeup Remover

Like baby oil, coconut oil is a great tool for removing every bit of make-up from your skin. It is so mild and gentle and so it you can use it to get rid off all the heavy eye make-up as well.

Cuticle Treatment

Pour a few drops of coconut oil onto the inside edges of your nails. This will help soften the hard dead skin around and help you get soft cuticles.

Massage Oil

Use it to massage your body from time to time. Coconut oil has great moisturizing properties and it will seep into the deep layers of the skin adding a lot of moisture and lustre to your body skin.

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