Causes for skin aging

Along with just growing old, there are a few external factors as well that add to skin aging as well.  While we can’t avoid the process of aging, we can definitely make a little effort to slower that process on our skin. The following factors result in skin aging:

Exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun

The UV rays from the sun have a direct and harmful effect on the skin. The harsh sun rays can lead to brown spots, worsen the condition of acne, cause deep pigmentation and lead to an uneven skin tone. Skin cancer is also a probable condition caused due to long and unprotected exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. It is not possible to completely step out in the sun. But ,it is possible that you take the correct measures before stepping out in the sun. The earlier you start using a sunscreen, the faster it will help to prevent your skin from aging. A sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 is recommended. Keep re-applying the sunscreen every 2-3 hours for it to stay effective and protect your skin from aging due to sun exposure.


Sleep plays an important role in the aging process of your skin. A minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended. A sound sleep helps to rejuvenate the skin when it is in the resting phase. Lack of sleep will lead to dark circles and tired skin. Whereas a good night sleep will result in adding a freshness to your face in the morning. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer or a night cream before hitting the sack and take your everyday dose of sleep to look young and fresh.

Exercise and fitness regime 

It is important that you include some form of physical activity on an everyday basis. Yoga, working out, running , skipping and the likes will keep you active and help in blood circulation. A good blood and oxygen flow through the body will help remove toxins from your body and add a glow to your skin.


Cigarette smoking can lead to wrinkles and fine lines at a much younger age. The smoke also leads to a depletion of Vitamin C from the body. Vitamin C is a much needed nutrient for the skin to look young, elastic and even. The lack of this vitamin can cause the skin to look dull, wrinkled and pigmented which is generally the case amongst smokers.


Alcohol is a dehydrating drink!  The more alcohol that you drink, the more dehydrated your body and skin are going to feel. Taking slow swigs of your drink is actually gradually making your skin to age without you even noticing it.

Stress and Depression

Any kind of stress or unhappy moment is stealing away all the youth from your face. You are inviting frown lines and furrows you do not need. So instead of frowning, choose to smile away your worries!

Fruits and vegetables!

What you eat, will show on your face! Eat juicy fruits and protein rich vegetables. Add greens. Being careless on including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet will add to making your skin age faster!

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