Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain by Benefit- Review!

Hey girls!

As promised, I’m here with the review of the Benetint lip tint by Benefit! I’d picked this up from Sephora at The Galleria, Houston, Texas two weeks ago. And ever since, I’d been really looking forward to trying this tint at home!

So Charlotte, at Sephora was super warm and helpful when I almost felt like a kid in a toy store! Trust me when I say, I wanted everything! I  asked her if they had any lip tints and she showed me this one by Benefit. I’d never bought any make-up by Benefit but, I’d heard so much about it that I just had to buy it after testing the shade on the back side of my hand. It looked like a ruby red, and you could get as much of an intense shade as you’d like by giving it as many coats as required to get your desired lip tint. If I remember correctly, I paid $38 for this bottle of 12.5 ml. I know it’s expensive, but I guess, once in a while, a girl is allowed to pamper herself! No?!

Alright, so I finally tried the Benetint lip and cheek tint on Tuesday this week and here’s what I think of it. One, if you have light pink, or not-so-dark lips, it’s going to look amazing with just two coatings of the lip tint. But if you do have brown, or dark lips, you might need a few more strokes with the brush provided. The Benetint comes in a small nail paint like bottle, with a cute little brush. On applying about two-three coatings of it, I felt like I achieved the natural shade of lip color that I was looking for. The Benetint comes with a small leaflet of instructions that explains you how to dot the liquid on your lips and then spread it nicely with the brush. So I let the first coat dry, and then followed it up with the second coat and similarly the third time. What I also noticed is that, it has this rose water taste to it. So it really works at adding some moisture to your lips while adding a natural shade of lip color. Also, I tried using it to add a hint of color to my cheek bones. And it worked amazingly!

All in all, if you are looking at having a natural inner color for your lips, and wish to avoid a heavy lipstick, or gloss, this is the way to go. It doesn’t look like you have applied anything at all, yet brings that extra pop of color that you may need. It is also great to use, when you wish to go heavy on your eye make-up! That way, the Benetint balances out the heaviness on the eyes by bringing some soft color to the lips and the cheeks!

As per my knowledge, it is not so easily available in India, but if you wish to get a similar product, I’ve also used the lip tint by The Body Shop and it works almost exactly the same way.

So let me know what you think of this review and do share it with your girls! Have an amazing weekend you all! 🙂

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