Avene Thermal Spring Water

Avene Thermal Spring Water

We all have some skin woes. Every girl’s deepest desire is to achieve that skin which she spots while flipping glossy magazines. So on my regular visit to my dermatologist, she gave me this magic application by Avene for a satin supple skin. Avene Thermal Spring Water is a mist spray which you spritz on the face before any other beauty regime that you might be following on a daily basis.

I prefer to spray Avene Thermal Spring Water on my face after a good bath and follow it up with my body shop Vitamin C Serum. Also, I use it post work out .. So I do not really need to go through the ordeal of washing my face immediately after a rigorous work out. It just adds this freshness to the skin and I pat it dry with my fingers or just let it air dry. Of course I do cleanse my face, but that happens later when I have my thermal spring water with me.

In India , this spray is available for Rs.1090 for a 100 ml bottle. I know it’s a tad expensive..But you know , some good things come with a price.

(*photo found on wisderm,com)

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