Apple Cider Vinegar for hair

Apple Cider Vinegar for hair

Did you ever consider Apple Cider Vinegar as an everyday beauty regime? Apple Cider Vinegar is best known as the key home remedy.

I know the Apple Cider Vinegar has a sour smell to it. But it has proved to be very beneficial for a a lot of beauty regimes. It can be used in the following way for your hair:

Mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in an approx. 400 ml of water. Post shampooing pour this mixture on all over scalp and let it run through the shaft of your hair. Let it stay for about2-3 minutes. Now rinse it with cold water. Doing this about twice a week will add a natural shine and body to your hair. Follow it up with letting your hair air dry or dry with a blow dryer and style it as usual. Don’t worry about the stink. It totally clears up when you rinse it with cold water. And applying a hair protectant serum has its own fragrance, so be rest assured about your hair smelling good.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also stated to work as a home remedy to stop hair fall and it also works at stimulating the hair follicles, thus resulting in hair growth.

Just stock one bottle in your bathroom ,so you remember to follow this regime once in a while.

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