7 workout tips!

7 workout tips!

This could be one of my most favorite topics to post, considering I am a total gym rat!

Here is a list of 7 most basic things you need to include during your workout!

The first and foremost tip is to drink at least a litre of water in between your exercise. You are going to sweat it out and you want your skin to be free from toxins and glow post your workout and not look dry and dehydrated. So drink up! To know more about drinking water, read here .

Wash your face clean before and after a workout. You do not want the day’s make-up to be clogging your pores when sweating it out. If at all, you do need foundation make-up, use a mineralised one, or a BB cream which is not oil based and will actually work on protecting your skin even when you are working out. But hey, my honest advice is to let your skin breathe clean , under no layer of make-up at all.

Rock a pony tail! Wear a bun! Clip the bangs! You can rock simple hairstyles while working out and not getting the length of your hair touching the sweaty nape of your neck.

Carry a face mist. It comes in handy to get a fresh spritz of water all over your face and neck. There are a few spring water face mists available for this purpose! This will help to hydrate your skin quickly in between your workouts and even after.

Carry a small towel meant to just dab on your face and neck. Don’t wipe and rub your face off! If you literally drip sweat like nobody’s business, then just dab it a little from time to time. You don’t wanna end up looking like a pig! It is said that rubbing towel on the face rather aggressively ends up inviting pigmentation over a period of time. Too much rubbing and abrasive wiping of the skin is not good for the health of your skin. I do not sweat so much. So I’m just done with a face mist which I let air dry.

Wear the right gym wear! Do not land up wearing anything you feel like. Gym wear is made for a reason !

Wear the correct shoes. I see a lot of people wearing the wrong shoes. Know your footwear. Know the shoes meant for running from the ones meant for weight training. Your shoes are responsible for the good health of your legs, and lower back. There is no reason for you to compromise.

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